Medical/Genetic Termination & Abortion

Are you experiencing heavy and all-encompassing emotions following a pregnancy termination? Sadness, guilt, relief, and confusion may be some of these feelings that you have. Pregnancy terminations may also be felt as physically or emotionally traumatic. The choice can be pure agony, especially if the pregnancy was wanted but circumstances guided the decision toward termination, such as medical recommendation, genetic diagnosis, relationship turmoil, and life circumstances (like younger age or already having a complete family). The termination might also have conflicted with personal morals or values.

Through my experience counselling in pregnancy termination clinics, I listen to understand and empathize with each story, and see that every person’s healing journey is delicate and unique.  My hope in our time together is that you feel your experience and choice are validated without judgement. I hope to provide a safe connection for you to begin to explore and develop compassionate self-healing.  This often starts by seeing that you made the best decision that you could in that moment, with the knowledge you had, and the circumstances you were in.

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