Personal Growth & Healing

Whatever your reason for seeking counselling, I hope to provide a safe connection for you to begin to explore steps toward growth and develop compassionate self-healing.  You may be noticing a shift within you, where what was working for you is no longer. You may sense your discomfort with overreacting more than you would like, or you may begin to question a constant numbness.  You may be relying on coping tools to help you feel better, such as food, alcohol, internet, or avoidance, only to feel shame, disappointment, or regret afterward. You may feel burned out from work and life and struggle to find balance and set limits. You may be overwhelmed with feelings of low self-esteem and hope to see that you are already good, as you are. You may be struggling to find meaning or direction about an aspect or decision in your life.

With our time together, I hope you will feel validated in your concerns, struggles, and hopes. I am here to hold space for you and your goals, without judgement. Sometimes the mind is ready to rush to solution, but the body might be holding tension and caution. So, we will work at a pace that is comfortable for you, your mind, and your body, hoping to reorient all your parts to your truths (not the “I shoulds…”). From here, values may be explored and boundaries created. Discovery may occur that deep down you already know what is right for you.

I hope you begin to see that no part of you is broken or needs to be fixed. With new awareness of the triggers of your worries and the intentions of reacting behaviours, it is possible to develop empathy and compassion for yourself.  Really understanding all your parts can bring you beautiful agency, where you can lead your own life feeling strong, feeling loved, feeling good just as you are.

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