Hello, I am so glad you are here! I look forward to connecting with you and supporting you with a pace that feels safe and healing. Here is a little bit about me to clear up some of the mystery. I have witnessed the joys and heartaches of pregnancy, postpartum, and parenting as a registered midwife, mother, and now, a counsellor. Midwifery allowed me to craft my skills in listening, empathy, and advocacy. I was encouraged to shift from midwifery to counselling to provide unwavering mental health, emotional support, and encourage client empowerment.

Within my counselling practice, I mostly work with clients who are somewhere along their reproductive or parenting journeys. However, I also work with individuals and couples who are at other life stages, such as looking for change, healing, grieving, and finding balance or direction. In addition, I am a counsellor at reproductive choice clinics, providing decision-making guidance, as well as coping, healing, and trauma support.

For my clients, I commit to providing non-judgmental, empathetic support.  I like to explore how well-being is shaped by relationships, cultural and societal values, childhood experiences, physiology, and all the amazing parts of our personalities.  I believe that understanding the positive intentions of our coping mechanisms is one key to building self-compassion, boundaries, healing, and reduction of these uncomfortable symptoms. I also find it helpful to guide clients in re-evaluating their thoughts (such as the dreaded ‘shoulds’) and exploring what really feels true for them.

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